Moreau Park Conservation Field Day

Moreau Park Conservation Field Day – May 23, 2013
Over 200 school kids attended this annual event held at Moreau Lake State Park. Conservation Field Day brings children from local elementary schools together with educators from organizations working in the field of environmental conservation. Kids spend a set amount of time at each station, participating in a variety of activities designed to teach them about nature and their environment.Friends of the IBA welcomed the kids and their teachers to our station with a brief introduction to the Washington County Grasslands IBA and the endangered, threatened and at risk birds it supports. The kids then joined Friends of the IBA educators for an interactive session of “What Belongs in a Grasslands/ What Doesn’t?” They really seemed to connect with our conservation message, and their enthusiasm was contagious!
Friends of the IBA would like to thank Maureen (Mo) Coutant, one of our volunteer educators, and Wendy Hall of Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center. Wendy dropped in with a couple live owl ambassadors – including a state endangered Short-eared Owl – to help us teach the kids about this critical grassland habitat practically in their own backyards.