Mysterious Owls of the Washington County Grasslands

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 7:00pm
Crandall Library, Glens Falls

A flock of Short-eared owls hunting an uncut field in front of you is a sight you never forget! Dan Albano and Laurie LaFond take you on a journey into Short-eared owl behavior and ecology with an update on their status in North America. These mysterious owls are declining across their historic range as they face increasing threats to their survival. Flocks of 40 - 50 owls were once a common sight in grasslands across New York. Now, they hover on the brink of extinction... 

Dan Albano is a retired ornithologist with extensive experience in grasslands ecology.  Laurie LaFond is the founder and director of Friends of the IBA.  She has spent the past decade researching Short-eared owls and works closely with NYS DEC biologists and wildlife managers to conserve critical habitat before they disappear from New York State. 

photo courtesy Dr. Gordon Ellmers