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Kudos to Senator Betty Little and the New York State Senate for passing a bill on June 8 that will help protect New York's endangered and threatened grassland birds! Senator Little sponsored the bill at the request of the Washington County Board of Supervisors with strong support from Friends of the IBA (FIBA) and Audubon NY. 

Thanks to Assemblywoman Carrier Woerner, a companion bill took a big step forward in the Assembly when the Real Property Taxation committee voted to move the bill forward.
Special thanks to Committee Chair Assemblywoman Sandy Galef for putting the bill on the agenda!

Want to do more?  Fax our "Take Action" poster attached below to Speaker Heastie: 518-455-4812

FYI:  The bills, if enacted into law, would enable the state to pay taxes on lands it owns in the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area. This will increase local support for the state's acquisition of the 180 acre Pulver property and ensure that the cost of conserving New York's endangered and threatened grassland birds does not overburden these small, economically depressed rural communities.

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We Need YOUR Help to Protect NY’s Endangered Owls!

The Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area, or IBA, is critical to the survival of Short-eared owls in New York State! It supports 10 of 11 of NY’s grassland bird species of greatest conservation need and is identified as a priority in the State’s Open Space Plan.  

Please work towards the final passage of Bill #A6759 this year.  Don't let Short-eared owls and other native grassland birds disappear from New York State!


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