FIBA Awarded $50,000 from OSI!

FIBA's announcement of a $50,000 grant from the Open Space Institute launched the public phase of our fundraising campaign to purchase 64-acres of critical habitat in Washington County for New York’s endangered and threatened grassland birds. The land is within the viewshed of FIBA's Alfred Z. Solomon Grassland Bird Viewing Area.

“Thanks to a generous grant of $50,000 from the Open Space Institute we’re more than half way to our goal,” FIBA President Mark DiIanni and Executive Director Laurie LaFond told enthusiastic crowds at Winter Raptor Fest 2017. The nonprofit land trust needs to raise another $75,000 to close on the land.

“This site provides vital habitat for state endangered Short-eared owls,” LaFond explained. "It also supports dozens of other bird and animal species, including grassland species such as Northern harriers, American kestrels, Eastern meadowlarks, Bobolinks and Savannah sparrows. Last year we had a rare pair of Upland sandpipers nesting here.”

FIBA is seeking contributions from the public to ensure that this land – and the life it supports – is permanently protected. Your contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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