Washington County Grasslands Wildlife Management Area

Washington County Grasslands Wildlife Management Area (WMA) encompasses nearly 300 acres of prime grassland habitat. The area supports almost a dozen threatened and rapidly declining grassland bird species. Common sightings include: Short-eared owl, Northern harrier, American kestrel, Eastern meadowlark, Bobolink, Eastern bluebirds, Tree swallows and Red-tailed hawks. Sedge wren, Grasshopper and Savannah sparrows are present. Flocks of Horned larks and Snow buntings can be seen in winter and Snowy owls are frequent winter visitors. 
A half mile trail starting just past the kiosk follows a wooded hedgerow before emerging into the open and cresting a grassy knoll.  A viewing platform offers fine views of the surrounding fields and hills to the east. This is a great spot to watch the owls, kestrels and harriers hunting for mice and voles, or to watch and listen to songbirds in spring and summer. Directions to WCG WMA here.
Parking and trailhead are accessed from Blackhouse Road, on the east side of the road just west of the intersection with CR 46. Please stay on the trail and respect “Restricted: Sensitive Habitat” signs. The area is managed by New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC).
Friends of the Washington County Grasslands Important Bird Area/ FIBA is a nonprofit land trust and official steward of the WMA. Visit www.dec.gov for info about other New York State Wildlife Viewing Areas.